Being a better teacher, Bits and bobs

Lessons of 2020-2021

This school year has been a very special one, and this is not a compliment. The mess started in spring 2020 when we plunged all the way into a full-scale online program from what seemed to be the iron-bound educational traditions: lessons are done in a classroom, handwritten notes, seeing each other every day, the… Read More Lessons of 2020-2021

Being a better teacher, Book notes

What if we’ve been teaching essay writing all wrong?

One of the courses I teach is English General paper (Cambridge curriculum). The main point of the course is to provide our students with the skills to write academic essays and to read thoughtfully texts of different nature. All in all, it must be a prep course for the uni-level Academic writing classes. The coursebook… Read More What if we’ve been teaching essay writing all wrong?

Being a better teacher, Bits and bobs, Lined notebook

The right not to know

One evening you, an experienced language teacher with a degree in linguistics, teaching or something directly related to your field, get caught by an occasional passer-by who happened to know of that background of yours. And normally you get all the respect and no one ever questions you ability to use the English language effectively.… Read More The right not to know

A Level English, Book notes

‘Linguanomics’ by Gabrielle Hogan-Brun [notes]

‘In many regions across the globe, a citizen’s ability to speak multiple languages is ‘normal and quite unremarkable’ and is ‘an instrumental response to mundane needs’ in the life of the considerable percentage of people. As we shall see, our ancestors utilized it [multilingualism]: first to help them survive, then to barter and prosper. They… Read More ‘Linguanomics’ by Gabrielle Hogan-Brun [notes]