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Great [extra] books for A level English course

There is no secret that the coursebook for any A Level is not enough. I don’t know about other courses, but English Language the mark scheme clearly states that to achieve a high mark the students need to include material from their wider study. It won’t be a big deal if not for the vast… Read More Great [extra] books for A level English course

A Level English

5 reasons A-Level English (9093) is my favourite course

I’ve been teaching A-Level English Language (CIE edition) for three years and it is definitely my subject of choice. Certainly, I have a bit of bias: the content overlaps nicely with my degree and includes exactly the aspects of linguistics I was most curious about. Also, I should be clear that this whole text is… Read More 5 reasons A-Level English (9093) is my favourite course

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Teacher’s Etiquette 101

Some common points for the teachers who just started or are already really deep into schoolwork and need a moment to slow down and consider what they do automatically. ✔️ Do not touch the students whether they are of the same or different gender. Respect their personal boundaries and do not let them cross your… Read More Teacher’s Etiquette 101

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Work experience never hurts

There is no such thing as work experience which was just a waste of time and has not taught something important. All those little bits and pieces come together and form our personality at work, attitudes and decisions taken. This post is going to be pretty personal: I want to outline, first of all for… Read More Work experience never hurts