Being a better teacher, Bits and bobs

Teacher’s Etiquette 101

Some common points for the teachers who just started or are already really deep into schoolwork and need a moment to slow down and consider what they do automatically. ✔️ Do not touch the students whether they are of the same or different gender. Respect their personal boundaries and do not let them cross your… Read More Teacher’s Etiquette 101

Bits and bobs, Lined notebook

Work experience never hurts

There is no such thing as work experience which was just a waste of time and has not taught something important. All those little bits and pieces come together and form our personality at work, attitudes and decisions taken. This post is going to be pretty personal: I want to outline, first of all for… Read More Work experience never hurts

Being a better teacher, Bits and bobs

Lessons of 2020-2021

This school year has been a very special one, and this is not a compliment. The mess started in spring 2020 when we plunged all the way into a full-scale online program from what seemed to be the iron-bound educational traditions: lessons are done in a classroom, handwritten notes, seeing each other every day, the… Read More Lessons of 2020-2021