About me

Hello and welcome to my website!

Let me introduce myself: I am a Russian girl who is married to a Turkish man and works as an English teacher. Pretty mixed up, hm? What if I tell you that I also used to work in China, did my CELTA in Thailand and do my best to be a so-called citizen-of-the-world, other than the one in strict frames?

Ok, this part is quite outdated and I really need to re-write it:

I love learning languages and it’s not just a target but a process of reaching it that brings me joy. I never stop working on my English, I try to improve my Turkish, I try to keep my French alive and I do love playing with Chinese characters. So far so good. But not enough for a proper professional development; therefore from the last year I am taking part in a challenge “DELTA, collect all three certificates together and win a super prize!”. By now I have passed the first module with self-studies only and I got Pass with Merit for the third module.

As for my work, I can’t be happier. It’s an international school with high school students from different countries. I help them to pass IGCSE ESL, AS English General Paper and A Level English language.

4 more facts about me:

  1. I don’t have Instagram or Twitter (or whatever social network you may wonder about) accounts, sorry;
  2. At home my husband and I speak English only;
  3. When I was a student I used to work as a train conductor travelling all over Russia. It was an amazing experience in communication;
  4. I never stop learning. I study a lot to understand how we learn.

This website was created as a way to keep my notes organised and as a chance to stay in touch with other people who are into English.

Alisa Erce