Being a better teacher, Russian lines

Negative thinker или учитель, который хвалит.

В процессе подготовки к экзамену я поняла, насколько мой учительский мозг привык подмечать ошибки, недочеты, проблемы и неправильные предложения. В двух заданиях первого модуля DELTA  нужно описать сильные и слабые стороны а) работы одного студента; б) теста, выбранного учителем для определенного класса. И с weaknesses как раз проблем нет, я легко и непринужденно нахожу нужные три,… Read More Negative thinker или учитель, который хвалит.

Being a better teacher

A crash test on classroom management

I used to think that I am a good teacher, that I can keep my students engaged and motivated, that I can always come up with the right decision. Illusions of early teaching years. Illusions of disciplined Chinese classrooms. But the moment, I stepped into a Turkish classroom, was a real eye-opener. I work in… Read More A crash test on classroom management

Being a better teacher, Bits and bobs

Teacher’s approach to learning

The worst thing that can happen to a teacher is to stop learning. It may be the moment of weaknesses or even the point of no return, because how can one be a good teacher if there is no understanding of how it feels in the learner’s shoes? Vague memories of university years are not… Read More Teacher’s approach to learning

Being a better teacher

Learning theory mindmap (priceless)

Doing my research for DELTA I came across an amazing mind map which puts together lots of theory, names and explanations. The best part is that you’ll be able to see connections and a general picture. Click here and you’ll see the full size image: I wish I could praise the creator, but, unfortunately, I… Read More Learning theory mindmap (priceless)