Being a better teacher, Bits and bobs

Teacher’s approach to learning

The worst thing that can happen to a teacher is to stop learning. It may be the moment of weaknesses or even the point of no return, because how can one be a good teacher if there is no understanding of how it feels in the learner’s shoes? Vague memories of university years are not… Read More Teacher’s approach to learning

Being a better teacher

Learning theory mindmap (priceless)

Doing my research for DELTA I came across an amazing mind map which puts together lots of theory, names and explanations. The best part is that you’ll be able to see connections and a general picture. Click here and you’ll see the full size image: I wish I could praise the creator, but, unfortunately, I… Read More Learning theory mindmap (priceless)

Being a better teacher

How to assess writing (if all other systems seem to fail)

FToday I have finished reading a great book “Genre, Text, Grammar: Technologies for Teaching and Assessing Writing” written by Megan Watkins and Peter Knapp (2005). It suggests a very elegant way of teaching and assessing any kinds of texts from the genre position. As each genre has its specific features of texts, it can be a good… Read More How to assess writing (if all other systems seem to fail)

Being a better teacher

Your opinion is important for me.

I have a tradition of asking my students for a feedback in the end of each semester. It looks like this: I prepare a nice envelope for their “letters”, give all of students pieces of paper and ask them to reply to the question “What do you think about “skills” lessons?”. That’s it. The topic… Read More Your opinion is important for me.

Being a better teacher

ELT names you should know

In the changing world of language teaching trends and a growing number of conferences together with piles of ELT books, we need some clear landmarks to find our way. It will help to make decisions in bookstores, in conference announcements and will allow us to sound confident and well-equipped for a teaching position if someone… Read More ELT names you should know

Being a better teacher

Assessment for Learning and Teaching in Secondary Schools (Review + Quotations)

Due to my current studies I dig deeper into certain areas of teaching, namely needs analysis, course design and assessment. There are lots of materials on all of them but “a good book is hard to find” as you all know. Today I’d like to share the best lines from the book by Martin Fautley and… Read More Assessment for Learning and Teaching in Secondary Schools (Review + Quotations)