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7 more things to keep in mind for DELTA Module 1

It’s never too much of advice! Get some more:

  1. Concentrate on the areas you feel less confident about. For me it was discourse and testing. You will have plenty of time to read books about teaching grammar or vocabulary but as long as you have more challenging areas – focus on those.
  2. First two tasks with terms don’t bring too many points. Chances to guess the term are low, chances to guess the meaning of a term you’ve never seen before are next to zero. You’ll waste time and energy but get nothing. When you are learning terms in Quizlet or using any other way don’t wait till you perfectly know the card: you’d better understand 100 terms which you can explain with your own words than have 30 learned by heart.
  3. When you prepare for the 5th task in paper 1 get the most from mind maps. Start with parts of speech, then get all the information you can about each one, even short prepositions and unchanging infinitives. For example “noun”: abstract/concrete, countable/uncountable, proper/common, singular/plural, possessive case etc plus their functions in sentences, word-formation etc.
  4. Get the most from assessment and testing. Usually teachers don’t know too much about the theoretical side and it leads to difficulties at the exam. Read books and take this part serious as it is not only a task in paper 2 but a big section 4 in module 3 assignment where you will need not only to understand the theory but put it in practice as well.
  5. Find time to do the whole paper with a stopwatch without interruptions. It’s better if you can do it a few times. (Everyone knows this point but it’s always a wrong time or someone disturbs)
  6. Find your perfect pen. It may seem a detail but when you need to write for three hours you must be sure that your tool can go to the end with you (have a couple of spare ones just in case). It is not only the question of ink, it’s also about the material, pen thickness etc. A wrong kind of pen will considerably slow down your writing and you will feel much more tired.
  7. Take water, snacks for the break time between the papers. You can also take some printed materials or notes to revise. You phone and all other gadgets will be taken till the end of exam, you know the rules.

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