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Quick notes on the conclusion for DELTA assignment

The conclusion is the cherry on top of your assignment. See it as a chance to brag about your achievements and to show that DELTA was a very special experience in your professional development.

The main requirement you’d hear time and again is:

Do not repeat yourself and your main body findings, tell us something new.
You have 400 words to do it.

Official conclusion guidance:

• How has your course proposal applied the principles you discussed in Part 1?
• What do you expect to be the benefits for the learners of your course proposal?
• What do you consider to be some of the limitations of your proposal?

Keywords of advice

If you keep reading the Handbook, sooner or later you would come across the following keywords: “summarise“, “expected benefits“, “limitations“, “linked parts” (of the assignment), “reference to the introduction“. In other words, you should walk on a very thin line of summarising between all of the information you have already given in a straightforward way, implied or mentioned through visuals. Plus, this part should show all of your best hopes for the course and be honest with the possible limitations and difficulties. Oh yes, don’t forget to highlight how skillful you were to build all your sections one over the other.

There is one more common idea for this section: make it personal. Write about the concepts, skills, tricks you have learned. Maybe, you have changed your beliefs, learned something crucial for your future career. Share it and do not finish your text with limitations – it sounds pessimistic.

Another tip

There is a common problem when you say everything you could in the previous parts and so you are totally out of ideas. With this, the only way out is to stick to summarising which is nice but not good enough.
Here is a trick: save one nice idea about the course for the later. Something bright and unexpectable. Something, you couldn’t find a place for in other sections due to the word count.


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