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Holidays (19-20.01)

This weekend is not officially influencing the score of my holiday achievements, but it still plays a huge role. yesterday and today I made up my mind and prepared some ground for the coming days. Moreover, I already managed to get a few points in my list.

Saturday (19.01)

  • I did not feel well so the first half of the day I spent under the blanket, reading, reading, reading… An unusual thing for me: a book in Russian. But what a book it is! Among other topics and motives I was touched by the historical background and human ability to adapt to any conditions, however excruciating they are.
  • Physics. It’s time to get my hands into it. Or, at least, grasp the very basic concepts of electricity, circuits. AP Physics 1, Khan Academy is my choice. Now I know the Ohm’s law, can solve some super basic problems about primitive circuits and feel like the world lost a bit of its magic, which turned into scientific facts.
  • Organized the papers on my table and read a bit before going to bed. Unfortunately, it was long after ten, so nothing to be proud of…

Sunday (20.01)

  • Mathematics. Another field of my knowledge full of gaps, mysteries and misunderstandings. I just follow the Math workbook unit by unit. Today I’ve successfully finished the arithmetic section (oh yes!): ratios, percentages, powers and roots. It was pretty easy, but not much has changed since my school years: I do need to be careful with details, those sloppy mistakes are super annoying.
  • Physics. A few more videos about resistors.
  • Played around with the website. Still can’t decide how to organise it and what exactly it should contain, so, for now, it’s just a collection of bits and bobs, just as it is in the site title.
  • Reading. Certainly, not a day without a page (preferably a chapter or so).
  • BTW, do you know how to make Turkish poğaça? I tried to cook it at home for the first time and it was great. And so easy… Give it a try!
Well, this is certainly not poğaça, but looks a little bit alike. And gives the right feeling of a warm, soft dough.

Song of these days: Imagine Dragons – Believer

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