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Holiday lines (Jan 2019)

This page opens my holiday diary: I have two full weeks ahead. I am totally free, staying at home and eager not to waste any time. Therefore, it should be considered more of a challenge, to see if I can stay focused and productive.

This little figure on the right represents me and the amount of work awaiting.

As the idea of an online diary stuck me yesterday and I never had this experience before, I still can’t decide if I want it all as a single entry or short notes in a ‘day by day’ style.

Well… I do have some sort of a plan on my mind, but my experience tells me that once I make it public, I stop working on it. Therefore, I’ll only post short summaries of each day. It always worked better than to-do lists. If I have nothing to be proud of by the end of the day, I feel guilty and automatically get motivated.

Important to keep in mind

Anyway, a few starting points I hope to keep up with:
1. Sleeping time. I am almost happy with my sleeping habits during the semester. Usually, I go to bed at ten, read for half an hour and sleep. It allows me to get up at 6:30. Or by 8 the latest. And I will do my best to stick to this routine. yes, even if now it’s already almost 23…
2. I don’t need to learn languages. Even if I have shelves of books to do it. I don’t need Turkish, I don’t have to fall for the charms, or French or let lovely Chinese characters take over me. And that Spanish coursebook can stay patiently waiting for an occasion. Actually, the only language I am okay with is English. Moreover, it’s time to get back to it, high time.
3. Keep writing daily. About the day, articles or essays, just a few lines, thoughts or favourite quotes. In English or in Russian, but daily.

You got to this page by an accident? No worries, let me introduce myself here.

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