Lined notebook

Holiday Weekly log – 1

Monday log (21.01)

  • “Object recognition” topic from my book about cognitive science. Covered about a third of the unit, specifically, the computational problems and how our brain deals with them. I remember that when I was little, I asked my mom once: “How do people realise if they see a cat or a dog? They are basically the same: with four legs, a tail…”. I didn’t get any answer that time but now I am getting close to solving that mystery.
  • Honestly tried the course about the Arduino, but there is no ground whatsoever to build it on. I lack understanding of basic physics, I don’t know the terms, the names of the tools, I am afraid to break it all or have no idea where to plug what. So I decided to keep moving with the second thing in my holiday list – learn how websites are built.
  • Day 1, HTML Introduction and document standards. That was fun. And very easy. Halfway through ‘Lesson 1’ on CodeAcademy. Now I am curiously opening the “Inspect” section of different websites and try to make sense of the code and seeing how parts relate (mostly by deleting lines).
  • Stretching. This is how a wooden a body gets if there is no exercise… felt bad today; not because of physical pain, but of realisation how far I am now from the floor )))
  • Some reading (fiction). From now on I will include only the finished books in my daily log, but it is in English and I have read over the half so far.

Tuesday Log

  • Reading (fiction)
  • Finished introductory lessons about HTML
  • Math workbook – introduction to the algebra section.

Well… holiday laziness is hard to escape. But I deserve a break with doing ‘nothing’ time, don’t I? After a few days this mood will switch back to productive, I know.

Wednesday Log

  • Stretching
  • Finished “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “. I read it a while ago, but decided to re-read: the language of the book, the style is too good to leave it behind once and for long.
  • Started CSS

As you’ve noticed, I have embraced my ‘doing nothing’ mood. The day is wasted, but gave me time to look around a bit, slow down and enjoy the day.
The song of the day – Alex Sparrow – Сумасшедшая

Thursday Log

  • Finished the HTML/CSS introductory course. Also tried the practice section with creating a page. Looking forward to getting to the section of a website as a unity, to connect pages etc. But to get there I first have the section of JavaScript info. I honestly tried to tackle it straight ahead but decided to take a short break as different ways of presenting the info started to mix up.
  • A few pages about object recognition.
  • Math workbook with the beginning of algebra: equations. Once again i was shocked by the simplicity of the tasks. Like, come on, you don’t even need to write anything, just give the answer. I should quickly revise those chapters and get my hand to something more challenging, otherwise it’s a waste of time.
  • Started reading another fiction book. Not sure about it yet, will see how it goes in the next 30 pages or so.

Friday Log

  • The day of cognitive science. Finished the unit, specifically, the topics about face recognition and mind reading. I was carried quite far away when reading extra materials for the later one; was strongly emotionally touched and disturbed by the idea of the locked-in syndrome. Can’t think of anything worse for a human being to go through.
  • Turkish. Well, I promised not to study languages, but here I am, visiting my parents and brother-in-law, without my husband. The state of misery when not being able to express my thoughts and feelings… That’s tough, but still, is no more motivating enough to make me open a Turkish coursebook.

Saturday Log

  • Turkish. Listening to people talking )))
  • JavaScript: the course into
  • Reading