Lined notebook

What’s new?

This year has been a long rough patch which seems to have the sole purpose: teaching me the wisdom of distinguishing between what I can and cannot change. These months there have been too many situations when I was deeply emotionally involved yet could not change anything.

When it comes to what I can change, I have plenty of options at work. I have some space for the initiative, support and responsibilities which allow me to see the results. My work motion has always been in the students; as I hope it will stay. We sloooowly start planning the next school year and it gives hope and material to write here about. Different ideas, not about English but teaching and learning in general which for now are in my notes here and there should make their way into a better-organised space. Oh yes, I’ve been talking about it for a while, my traditional talk of ‘how nice would it be’. I guess I will start with the ‘About me’ page. As it was pointed out, it is rather outdated now and it’s high time to bring it up to date not only in terms of the certificates.

Not that I don’t write nowadays. I actually do, more than ever but I do not post it anywhere. Writing, expectedly, turned out to do wonders and helps me arrange my thoughts in a way nothing else does. My pages on social media currently do not match with what and how I want to post or do there for different reasons. This website can be a good fall-back option for texts.