DELTA notes

Tutor’s feedback on DELTA assignment

Have you ever wondered what DELTA tutors write in their feedback for DELTA module 3 assignment? If the answer is ‘yes’, you’re in the right place to learn about it more. In this post, I’ll share some lines from my feedbacks as well as my general thought on this topic. To begin with… I should… Read More Tutor’s feedback on DELTA assignment

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At Home Among Strangers

Some teachers manage to teach the language they cannot call their mother tongue in the countries they can not call their motherland. Non-natives teaching abroad: I’ve got this experience and I want to share it with you. Typology of English teachers Generally speaking, I would divide all English teachers into three categories: Speakers of other… Read More At Home Among Strangers

DELTA notes

Quick notes on the conclusion for DELTA assignment

The conclusion is the cherry on top of your assignment. See it as a chance to brag about your achievements and to show that DELTA was a very special experience in your professional development. The main requirement you’d hear time and again is: Do not repeat yourself and your main body findings, tell us something… Read More Quick notes on the conclusion for DELTA assignment