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The right not to know

One evening you, an experienced language teacher with a degree in linguistics, teaching or something directly related to your field, get caught by an occasional passer-by who happened to know of that background of yours. And normally you get all the respect and no one ever questions you ability to use the English language effectively.… Read More The right not to know

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At Home Among Strangers

Some teachers manage to teach the language they cannot call their mother tongue in the countries they can not call their motherland. Non-natives teaching abroad: I’ve got this experience and I want to share it with you. Typology of English teachers Generally speaking, I would divide all English teachers into three categories: Speakers of other… Read More At Home Among Strangers

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Фразовые глаголы и The Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book

Фразовые глаголы. Головная боль всех, кто учит английский, и тема, которая выдаёт с головой даже тех, кто давно и успешно покоряет высоты advanced. Я долго искала, как же их учить и по какому материалу. Мой однозначный фаворит – The Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book от Barron’s. Это именно учебник. Не словарь с парой упражнений, и не… Read More Фразовые глаголы и The Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book

Being a better teacher

Your opinion is important to me.

I have a tradition of asking my students for a feedback in the end of each semester. It looks like this: I prepare a nice envelope for their “letters”, give all of students pieces of paper and ask them to reply to the question “What do you think about “skills” lessons?”. That’s it. The topic… Read More Your opinion is important to me.